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Firefighter, skydiving instructor and international spy.

These are all vocations that conjure up images of danger and excitement.

If you meet a firefighter you may be eager to ask, “So, what’s it like to enter a burning building?”

Or you may enquire of a skydiving instructor, “Don’t you ever worry your parachute won’t open?”

And you may be curious to grill a spy: “Are you really licensed to kill?”

But when I proudly declare I work as a freelance copywriter, I’m afraid there is no glimmer of enthusiasm to be seen in the face of the person I’m talking to.

In fact, I’m frequently met with a blank expression and the question, “Err, so what does that involve?”

Let’s shout about great content!

Anyone would think that copywriting is a secret occupation, conducted under cover of darkness.

Maybe a potential client would seek out a copywriter in the following way:

Man 1: “Psst, I’m looking for content. Can you help?”

Man 2: “Yeah, sure, but keep it hush-hush.”

What is copywriting, anyway?

Let me start by pointing out: ‘copywriting’ shouldn’t be confused with ‘copyright’.

Copyright means legally owning the rights to literary, musical or artistic material, whereas a copywriter, to quote the Oxford Dictionary, is:

A person who writes the text of advertisements or publicity material.

Still not in awe of my job?

Let me put it another way.

As a copywriter, I can write enticing web content, inspiring press releases and persuasive direct mail to help sell your products or services.

After all, you don’t want a potential customer to find your home page, read a few sentences, nod off and never return.

Instead, you want people to be so enamoured with your landing page that they click on to your other pages and then get in touch with you direct.

A well written website is like a book you can’t put down

Have you ever thrown aside a novel a few pages in because it’s hard work to read or is simply not holding your attention?

Yes? So why should a website, press release, blog or newsletter be any different?

Ok, copywriting may not be as glamorous as some other occupations, but at least we’re not in danger of being gobbled up by a shark owned by a criminal mastermind intent on world domination.

And while James Bond is busy saving the world, I’d be more than happy to write his blog.

So, 007, if you’re reading this, my email address is colette@ and you’ll find my rates very reasonable.

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